Century-Old Educational Developer PRAXIS, First Moodle Partner in Denmark

Century-Old Educational Developer PRAXIS, First Moodle Partner in Denmark

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Moodle has announced its newest official partner: PRAXIS. A developer of teaching materials with over a century of history, PRAXIS is the first Moodle partner from Denmark. Created in 1900, the organization has changed leaders, headquarters, and even its own name —originally called “Erhvervsskolernes Forlag”—, but it has maintained its mission to deliver quality content and embrace new technologies.

According to the announcement, PRAXIS has been using Moodle to support their clients for the past six years. A majority of Denmark’s vocational schools have benefited from Moodle. PRAXIS also uses the LMS for internal publishing operations.

A distinctive feature of PRAXIS’ publishing process is the ability to deliver every aspect of the development, production, and commercialization of content. Dedicated staff, including marketing and software specialists, use their knowledge in support of customers. PRAXIS is always willing to listen to anyone with a new idea for a product, a book, or any new potential form of cooperation.

PRAXIS is expected to deliver a wider set of Moodle-based services in the coming years. Mobile is of particular interest, particularly the Branded Moodle Mobile App.

Read the full announcement at

Visit (in Danish).

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