Check out these 7 tips before creating your course for Mobile devices #Moodletips

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Are you creating your Moodle course optimized for mobile users? With more than 70% of the global internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it is imperative to optimize your course for mobile devices. During the recently concluded MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017, Juan Leyva – Moodle Mobile Team Leader at Moodle HQ shared 7 tips for mobile optimized course design.
Here, I am reiterating all those 7 tips below:

      • Keep your content descriptions short and simple – Since reading a large chunk of text on a small screen device is never going to work. So instead of using large paragraphs of text use some pictures to depict the same information.
      • Resize & crop the images – Before inserting any image, make sure to crop it to highlight the subject and resize it to best sizes.
      • Use right media formats – Display a description about the file type and file size to make them aware about the data required for the file.
      • Use the choice activity often for assessment – Assessment on mobile devices should be always small like in-class polls. Choice activity in Moodle can be used to get an answer from your learners quickly.

    Check out these 7 tips before creating your course for Mobile devices #Moodletips

      • Conduct out-of-class testing using revision/formative quizzes – Learning can happen anywhere inside and outside the classroom, so to capture the out of class learning, you can use revision quizzes.
      • Use mobile sensors for assignments and assessments – You can urge your learners to take pictures, record audio or video to gather more practical information which can be submitted directly in assignments.
      • Integrate your courses with social media channels – In today’s digital world, integrating your courses with social media is important. Soon with the release of Moodle 3.3, you can easily embed files from google drive or Microsoft one drive.

    Apart from the above 7 tips shared by Juan, I would like to add a few from my side which are as follows:

      • Use the Moodle Mobile availability plugin – Use the Moodle Mobile availability plugin to display or don’t display specific content only to the users accessing your course from mobile devices.
      • Keep your courses limited to a small learning goal – You should create multiple bite sized courses limited to a small learning goal instead of a big course.
      • Always stay open for feedback from your students – Being of digital age your students may know about Mobile devices better than us.

    If you have any other tips to create mobile friendly Moodle courses, we would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments below.
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