Check out the new enhanced BigBlueButton’s super simple frontend – Greenlight @bigbluebutton

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BigBlueButton is the eponym for the open source web conferencing solution around the web. Recently, BigBlueButton team have launched new update to its super simple frontend – GreenLight with new enhancements. It is a front-end for BigBlueButton that makes it for anyone to create a meeting and invite others.
GreenLight has to be installed on your BigBlueButton server. It provides a minimalistic web-based interface that lets users

  • Create a meeting
  • Invite others to the meetingsession,
  • Join a meeting

Check out the new enhancements to BigBlueButton super simple frontend - Greenlight @bigbluebutton

New Features:

GreenLight provides highly personalized features for all the authenticated users. If you authenticate with your Google or Twitter account, you can also create recorded meetings & manage the recordings. The new update is focused towards providing more control to authenticated users like:

  • Upload the video part of your recording to YouTube – With a few clicks GreenLight now gives authenticated users the ability to share the video file part of the recording to YouTube. This requires that users have authenticated using their Google Account
  • View names of users in a session (and those waiting for you to start a session) – It will now display the names of participants in all your active sessions
  • Receive list of attendees via email – When you authenticate with Google, it will send you an e-mail when a recording is finished processing and ready for viewing.
  • Customize the background of GreenLight – now allows authenticated users to upload their own custom landing backgrounds.
  • Receive notifications in Slack – Administrators can now configure GreenLight to send notifications to a Slack channel. It will send notifications when a user joins a meeting, when a recording is created, or when a meeting ends.

For more information about the new enhancements in the new version of the GreenLight, check out this article. To know how to install GreenLight on a BigBlueButton server, check out the official documentation here.
Are you using BigBlueButton with Moodle? Are you using any other web conferencing tool? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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