Check out this interesting proof of concept for quiz game engine prototype for #moodle

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Have you ever thought of using the Moodle quizzes for gamification in your Moodle course? Do you want a fun game of multiple choice questions in the Moodle quiz? Yaniv Cogan, Moodle community member from Israel, has shared his awesome piece of work which will transform the Moodle quizzes into  the gaming quiz easily.
Gamification in eLearning is a vast topic which contains usage of game theory and game mechanics to engage users in solving problems. They are many other ways to induce gamification in your Moodle course. However, Yaniv has created this proof of concept for fun without any correlation to gamification and without any proof to test the level of understanding on the subject matter by the students.
The demo contains the backup of the quiz activity created by Yaniv containing just a single question but it shows the endless possibilities of this concept of transforming the Moodle quiz into a gaming engine with the help of JavaScript. You can download the backup of the quiz through this link and play with it on your development site to explore more about its usage.

How the Game works:

After hitting the play button, the question text will be displayed on the screen. And then the answers starts falling in the shape of the apples with all possible answers and the student needs to click the correct apple. If correct answer is selected, then the apple will burst out otherwise it will show the incorrect sign.

At the end of the game, the students will also be awarded with a medal based on their score in the game.

Proof of concept for quiz game engine prototype for Moodle
Proof of concept for quiz game engine prototype for Moodle

Frankie Kam – the person behind the other popular Moodle blog – has contributed his efforts in making the concept better in many ways like changing the background, changing the position of the question text and changing the theme colors behind the question. You can also contribute your efforts by testing out the quiz and share your views about it in the forum thread here.
As of now, I can say that the concept is a bit buggy but it contains a lot of potential in improving the way how we can use gamification in Moodle quiz engine. Test it out yourself to explore more about the Moodle gaming quiz engine.
What are the other ways to gamify the Moodle quizzes? What are the possibilities for extending this piece of work into Moodle quiz engine? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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