“Choosing the right Plugins for Moodle” – a guide by @lambdasolutions

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Lambda Solutionsplugins, a Moodle and Totara Partner in BC, Canada has published a quick guide to plugins in the case you’re not looking to sift through nearly 1,000 which exist at

Download your copy here: (form required)

They’ve narrowed their focus on plugins to assist in specific circumstances which might fit your needs, plugins that help manage

  • self-paced learning – the Progress Bar
  • blended learning – synchronous tools like BigBlueButton
  • online compliance training – the Certificate and Attendance
  • automated user enrollment – Email-based self-registration with confirmation or SAML
  • report on learner progress – Configurable Reports and My Grades

While they only touch on about 16 unique plugins (1.6% of all plugins) it might be a nice guide for getting started if you’re not looking to 1. buy the Moodle Add-on’s book by Gavin Henrick and Michael de Raadt, or 2. sort through

Note: Moodlenews has no affiliation with Lambda Solutions though is sponsored by Totara LMS.

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