City College Plymouth and raising the bar on course quality

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A recently published post on a  JISC Regional Support Center (RSC) site highlights one college’s implementation of a rating system for Moodle courses which helped to raise the bar across the board for their Moodle in terms of measured course quality. The Moodle team adopted a 3 tiered award (Gold, Silver and Bronze) rating system, some simple and concrete measurements, and promoted a “go for the Gold” campaign across  their faculty.

Additionally during the conversations with faculty about the specific items required for each of the medal criteria they could speak directly to the pedagogical and user experience impacts of adding or editing that resource which helped to highlight and justify the “why”. What was once was inconsistently used became increasingly used as faculty worked to achieve higher named standards.



As a measured impact of the policy and medal system they saw a 96% compliance rate for the minimum standard and saw the proportion of Bronze level courses go from under 5% to over 12% raising quality across the site. From the post,

The medals have made teaching staff more interested in developing their courses to a minimum standard and beyond.  This in part has been encouraged due to introducing a competitive aspect to the medals.  This means that staff are more involved and interested in gaining awards.  In addition, the introduction of the medals has set a benchmark for this department, which is attractive for senior management teams.

Below is a quick video highlighting the implementation and their lessons (direct link:

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