Create a form in a block the easy way with the Form Maker block – no HTML needed

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Some of the simplest blocks on are also the most elegant and easy to use. Caio Almeida’s Form Maker block for Moodle 1.9 (March 2009) on is one such example. At the end of this post, you will be able to create a basic form in a Moodle block to capture input from users.

This block allows a site administrator or teacher to setup a form inside a block. Best of all, absolutely no HTML knowledge is needed and the interface is easy to use. I was able to set up a basic form on my main Moodle homepage within minutes.

Installation is straight-foward. Just download it and extract the folder named form_maker inside your Moodle site’s blocks folder. Go to Site Adminisrations and click on the Notifications link. It should install with no problems. Enable Editing and then add the block Form Maker to your course page.

Among the settings that you can specify are:

  • user input can only be done by a Moodle user who has logged into the site
  • show the number of submissions so far customised confirmation message (a “thank you” would suffice)
  • an email address to which notifications can be sent to
  • end (limit) date – so you could put deadlines to the submission a maximum number of submissions footer text

Note that the input data is viewable only by the Site Administrator or Course Create (Teacher). Caio was very thoughtful to enable the data to be downloaded in three formats. PDF, ODS and XLS. This way you easily view the data and you can convert the data into a spreadsheet.

To demo this block, you are cordially invited to my website: (it’s on the front page, lower right-hand corner). Since I did not specify that the user must be a Moodle user, anyone can input data with the form.

For more images and full text, surf over to my blog.

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  1. FYI… the author of this plugin, Caio Almeida, has confirmed that this Form Maker block has not been updated for the current versions of Moodle. It was last updated for Moodle 1.9.

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