Create intuitive online learning environments using the brand new Moove Theme for Moodle #moodlethemes

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Earlier, first time Moodle users often complained about the outdated looks and appearance of Moodle, which has been turned into a word of appreciation after the release of Moodle 3.2 – which includes the brand new Bootstrap 4 based Boost theme.
Since the release of Moodle 3.2, there are many child themes contributed by Moodle community members which had enhanced the overall user experience of Moodle. These contributed themes includes many popular themes like Fordson & Waxed etc.
Adding one more to the list of contributed Moodle themes based on Boost, Willian Mano Araújo – came up with another eye-catching Moodle theme – “Moove”. The Moove theme comes with a goal to make online environments more clean and intuitive for learners and educators.

Moove theme features:

Moove theme has a lot of intuitive new features and improvements yet keeping to the clean interface. Main features of Moove theme are as follows:

  • Course Sections Progress bars: If you have selected to display “One Section per page” under the Course Settings > Course Format > Course Layout, then you will see a Progress bar indicating the learners progress within the course sections. However, when testing on my development server, I was not able to change the text which comes along with the progress bar “Andamento da disciplina“. Hope Willian will look into that.

    Create intuitive online learning environments using the brand new Moove Theme for Moodle #moodlethemes
    Course Sections Progress Bars
  • Icons based Collapsed Menu: The side menu can be maximized/minimized anytime to save the screen area. During the collapsed state the menu will display nice little icons which can be very useful for the learners.

    Create intuitive online learning environments using the brand new Moove Theme for Moodle #moodlethemes
    Icons based Collapsed Menu
  • Hide and Show blocks button – The blocks in the right sidebar can consume a lot of screen area and may distract the students. By having a single Show/Hide blocks button in the top bar, Moove stands out to improve the usability.

    Create intuitive online learning environments using the brand new Moove Theme for Moodle #moodlethemes
    Show/Hide Blocks Button
  • Marketing Boxes – Marketing boxes are now almost a standard part of all Moodle themes but Moove provides 4 marketing boxes through which you can use to grab the attention of first time visitors.
  • Social Settings – The Footer settings has links to all popular social profiles and contact details.

Overall, the Moove theme stands out with a clear and very intuitive interface. I really like the theme and feels that this is going to top the Moodle themes charts soon.[bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’]
Want to try the Moove theme? Download it today through the Moodle plugins directory here. The theme is available for Moodle 3.2 and Moodle 3.3 versions.
What are the other new features which you are looking for in upcoming Moodle themes? How you liked the Moove theme? Share with us in the comments section below.

7 Responses

  1. Hi
    I am sorry to say this theme is just a copy of an excellent theme : Remui.
    Not really fair play.

  2. Wow… Thanks for the post. I already solved the problem with the string “Andamento da disciplina”. Feel free to send me any suggestions for the theme. =)

  3. Remui it is a very good theme in fact. But the only idea i’ve copied from it was the button to show and hide the blocks. Copy ideas is not ilgeal. See the marketing boxes, or the social media on footer. 🙂
    Is the Theme Remui a copy of all bootstrap paid themes? You can see a lot of similar themes in (Fair play?)
    I just wanted to make something cool and FREE for everyone, but you can feel free and pay $79,00 for theme remui. 😉

  4. How can I change the color of mu current Move theme in Moodle. I like the design of this theme, but I must change the colors of it. Please gime your suggestion friends!

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