Dispatches From Emma. Moodle Users Association July Newsletter

Dispatches From Emma. Moodle Users Association July Newsletter

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MUA President Emma Richardson revealed in her latest communiqué that the recent winner of MUA’s latest Project Development Cycle, “Course overview block in dashboard improvements,” is already being discussed at Moodle HQ for a possible release before the end of the year, along with Moodle 3.6 (currently scheduled for November). If it happens, it would be the fastest a chosen project has gone from winning the MUA members vote to public release.

Among other administrative issues, Richardson wishes to clarify that she held no preference over any of the projects that were in the running before June 27. While no MUA rule explicitly demands impartiality from her or anyone from the Committee, she feels compelled to stress that there were none in the first place.

Check out Richardson’s statement in full:

Well, what an exciting end to this project cycle! The Dashboard project won. I have already been talking with HQ about this as it is a project they would like to do and they had mentioned trying to push it up to 3.6 release instead of 3.7. I am not sure yet if it will happen but we will keep talking with them about what we can do. I was also excited to see that the setting activity dates based on enrollment dates proposal which was down at the bottom of the list after the first round of voting made a last minute leap to second place.

As a side note, I would like to apologize for any comments I made at the town hall last month that might have made it sound that I was favoring a particular project. We had the forum project proposers at that meeting and ended up having a long discussion regarding that project. Ironically enough, I don’t really use forums on my Moodle sites but I can see where it might have seemed that I was promoting that project. That was certainly not my intent and I always try to simply respond to our members wishes. I was very glad that the concern was raised at another meeting and would like to encourage all of our members to please bring any of their concerns to us so that we can address them. I will definitely strive to remain impartial during our town hall meetings in the future!

Sadly, our planned replacement for our project manager decided that it would not fit in his schedule and so we are currently discussing what to do with this position but will be working to fill it. In the meantime, Shannon has been kind enough to keep doing what she can and we will be filling in the rest until the position is filled.

We are starting to work on plans for the Annual General Meeting. Meeting dates have been decided and the Annual General Meeting and backup meeting will take the place of the monthly town hall meetings in September. Times will be announced next month. If there are any changes that anyone would like to see to the organization, now is the time to bring them up to the committee so we can decide on whether to put the ideas before the members for a formal vote. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members directly or email suggestions to [email protected].

The committee is also discussing marketing strategies right now to promote the growth of our organization. Orzu has been extremely helpful in this area and we are most grateful for her input. Even in the summer months, I just want to extend out a huge thank you to ALL of our committee members who are all providing great input and lots of volunteer hours on your behalf. I have really been incredibly lucky to work with such a great group. We will soon be calling for nominations for next year’s committee members so please start to think if you could also dedicate some time to helping run this great association.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer months! Do not forget the town hall meetings. This month we will be discussing all things Tracker and in August we will be discussing the upcoming general meeting and any policy changes that are being put out for vote. I hope to see you all there!

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