Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning Management System?

Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning M?anagement System?

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The most popular invention for young learners in the 19th century was undoubtedly the radio. In the 20th, it’s a close call between the TV and the Internet. Will the LMS be the 21th century’s most beloved youth invention?

At its most succinct, a Learning Management System is a platform where the learner meets tools and resources to achieve educational outcomes. The LMS allows a teacher to monitor behavior, performance and engagement, at least in theory.

Many teachers consider them to be a necessary tool in ensuring the growth of a learner. But is the learner, the human, actually taking into account when making fundamental LMS choices?

With automation and ease of teaching duties, teachers have been able to focus a lot easier on the student.

Remember to teach the human

Education is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of human life. In our world, LMS play an increasingly influential role into the transformation from young, hopeful mind to adult.

Along with learning, they also need to find out their interests and passions, a support activity often taken for granted. When dealing with youth today, you need to get to know them, and realize that there is increasingly little difference between the learner in their context, and the technology embedded in it.

Or the technology they’re embedded in?

Making An LMS Choice Without Forgetting The Young Human User (YHU)

Once you have realized the importance of this awareness, you begin the process of evaluating LMS choices for your YHU. You will need to research and find the platform most suitable for YHU according to their demographics, psychographics and so on.  You can do this with the help of anthropologists, user researchers or even branding experts in the UK or wherever you are in the world. Choices to get started are just one click away.

Among a pre-selection of candidates, assess each of the following items and find the one that suits your YHU.  

№1. Customize according to need

Many software and web applications have various features that are billed into the final fee. As a school, you may not need all of these features. It is for this very reason that you need to understand your exact requirements.

You can save money by customizing the services and pay only for what you need. By selecting only the features your school or institute requires, you can customize your experience and get a personalized fee.

№2. Analytics and reporting

The entire need for a LMS is to provide you as a teacher with ease. While at the same time give other stakeholders the option to have a continuous report on the progress of their YHU. It is important that the system you choose can provide you with an effective reporting system.

№3. Know your needs

It is essential that before subscribing to any LMS available, you know what you are looking for. There are a ton of different platforms available.

You need to research a lot of different platforms before you make up your mind. The best way you can do so is by ensuring the tools that your YHU need. This way, you will be able to have the best possible experience while getting adjusted to your needs.

№4 Cybersecurity

When you have so many different YHU logging into the LMS from various locations, it is important that you provide them with a platform that is safe.

Cybersecurity is essential as there is a lot of important data entered and monitored via the LMS. The more secure a platform is, the more efficient your work will be, and you will face a lot fewer disruptions. It falls within your responsibility to have a look at the security protocols offered by different systems.

You also need to have a look at certificates like SSL and the different firewalls in place for maximum peace of mind.

№5. Budget

Different platforms might often provide the same services. The only difference may be the price. You need to know the budget you are working with. This way, you will be able to get the perfect LMS while staying on budget.

You also need to consider different payment methods. And understand whether a one-time payoff will be better or should you opt for an annual subscription.

№6. Upgrade and future

Whenever you are looking for an LMS for your YHU, one of the things that are extremely important is the fact that the system you choose has a scope for the future.

Once your institute commits to a platform, it is important that you do not have to switch simply because the company no longer upgraded its LMS according to the latest technology available. This means that it is important to look at the history of the company you are signing with while at the same time judging their future potential for progress.

№7. Integrations

No student or teacher likes to log into several disjointed apps. You need software that can save your login and profile information in a central place. The easier it is to access repeatedly, the happier your YHU and teachers will be to use it.

№8. Content Format Compatibility

You need to have a look at the content format compatibility of the LMS you use. When uploading tasks and quizzes, the biggest problem you can face is the fact that the system is not compatible with the format that you use.

You need a system that is open to many different formats to ease the work for the teacher and the YHU.

№9. Customer Service

Regardless of the service you opt for, customer service is crucial. It is necessary that the system you choose has efficient customer service. When working with the education of multiple YHUs, while at the same time relying heavily on a single LMS, it is necessary that you always have someone to call.

With 24/7 customer service available by different means of communication, you can guarantee that the services you are getting are top-notch. While at the same time, you are also getting complete attention from the service provider.

№10. Be mobile-friendly

Today everything is linked to mobile phones, which is why it is important that the LMS you choose is mobile friendly. From laptops to tablets and mobile phones, technology is upgrading, which is why you also need to upgrade with time.

You need a LMS that can be accessed on many different platforms. You never know the device YHUs use at home to access the LMS.

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