Do You Know How To Customize Your Moodle With The New 2.9 Dashboard?

Do You Know How To Customize Your Moodle With The New Dashboard?

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Another new feature introduced in Moodle 2.9 is the “Dashboard,” which replaces the old “My home.” The dashboard is a convenient and customizable landing page where users can quickly see information about their courses, activities and assignments.

The dashboard can be access by any user, through the quick menu at the top right of the page after logging in. By default, users will have access to navigation options, a calendar, course overview, file repository and who’s online. Users have the option to customize the dashboard, unless this has specifically been prevented by an admin. Administrators may also add specific blocks to the dashboard for all users by default.

It has been my experience that users usually don’t stray too far from the default landing page they are given, unless they have some real need to add specific information (or they are a super geek like me). Because of this, I think it is always a good idea for the school/organization to consider what the default dashboard will look and feel like, because it sets the stage for the entire LMS experience.

How have you customized (or not) the dashboard for your learners? Let us know in the comments below!

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