Dougiamas Shares Some Numbers About Moodle’s Results, Future. MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami

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In what could be the largest audience yet, Martin Dougiamas opened MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami with his “Empowering Educators” keynote. In a “pivotal moment,” as he described it, the LMS is staying true to its vision and mission, while it continues to expand in users, registered sites, and new endeavors.

He began by framing Moodle within the large scope of “Open,” which in his opinion is one of the few ways to collectively achieve sustainability as a human species. If not the only one. Dougiamas highlighted:

  • Open Data
  • Open Business
  • Open Standards
  • Open Government
  • Open Source
  • Open Knowledge
  • Open Research
  • Open Music
  • Open Space
  • Open Innovation
  • Open Health
  • Open Content
  • Open Cloud
  • Open Access
  • Open Education

According to Dougiamas’ latest count, there are more than 92 thousand registered Moodle sites growing at an undisclosed rate, though he claims it to be rising. India has been particularly active, moving from tenth into fifth place within a year. Non-English speakers have become the main source of growth.

Regarding the Education for the Many $6 million AUD investment, he revealed no new details other than that this would be the first time Moodle allows a third party to acquire equity. “Moodle has never been in debt,” Dougiamas stated.

The projects Moodle HQ is leading from now on, MoodleCloud,, Learn Moodle, and the learning platform itself, as well as a new “Moodle Services” with details to come, are also part of Dougiamas’ goal to make Moodle a complete source, rather than just a software program, in the minds of users everywhere.

MoodleCloud has 25,000 sites. He admits it is not a product for large organizations, “not that it has stopped people from trying.” is one of the areas with the most active development. Dougiamas suggested it will feature a sort of “social network for teachers” that they can access from their institutional Moodle sites or use as a content exchange. It will have its own app.

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