Easy to use Gapfill Question Type for Moodle

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This question type by Marcus Green (who showcased the easy to use DDMarker type last week) has also released the Gapfill Question Type for Moodle which Mr. Green says “can be explained in just this 7 word sentence: ‘Put square braces around the missing words'”.

Gapfill Question Type can be downloaded here:

The question type allows you to create sentences as questions which are missing several of their words (however the words aren’t just missing, they’ve been enclosed with square brackets during the question creation and those words are now part of a jumble to be dragged and dropped back into place. The question type is similar to Moodle Cloze but admittedly much simpler to use.

Marcus has created a quick walk through of the benefits of the Gapfill qtype for last year’s IE/UK Moodle Moot through a presentation which is available here:

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