Evidence The Moodle Gradebook Enhances University Course Quality? MoodleNews EdTech Labs

Evidence The Moodle Gradebook Enhances University Course Quality? MoodleNews EdTech Labs | Moodle en la Ciencia: Evidencia de la Ventajas de Moodle en el Desempeño de Sistemas y Estudiantes

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Garmann, Robert et al. “Moodle, Grappa, aSQLg, Graja – Neue Entwicklungen bei der Grading-Software der Hochschule Hannover (New Developments in the Grading Software of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts).” Automatische Bewertung von Programmieraufgaben (2017).

An unusually interesting case study delves into the technical details of a large Moodle installation linked to the quality of the educational offering by a German school. Moodle is a key component, but part of a software bundle that includes Graja —a submission evaluation tool for programming assignments, specific for the Java language— and aSQLg —or Automatic SQL Generator, which simplifies database coding. The performance improvements are noteworthy, even at the Hanover scale, and the information architecture makes for a modular, easier-to-understand system.

Luo, Li et al. “Blended learning with Moodle in medical statistics: an assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to e-learning.” BMC medical education (2017).

A questionnaire administered to 119 first-year medicine graduate students, most of them new to Moodle, revealed positive associations of the LMS as a support for a blended learning intervention. Actual data of online learning behavior—such as time spent online, number of weekly logins, and coursework completion—seems to correlate with notions of Moodle as being “helpful” and “interesting.” A self-declared “introvertive type” tends to heighten the links.

Nechypurenko, Pavlo and Serhiy Semerikov. “VlabEmbed – the New Plugin Moodle for the Chemistry Education.” ICTERI (2017).

While no LMS matches Moodle in support for chemistry education, most of the tools available are related to notation and visualization. This research documents the deployment of VlabEmbed, a Moodle plugin version of the open source chemistry lab simulation software Vlab by ChemCollective. The result is a powerful bundle that helps in the development and solution of problems involving stoichiometry, thermochemistry, reaction equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, solubility, oxidation/reduction and electrochemistry, and analytical chemistry including lab techniques.

VlabEmbed plugin in the Moodle plugin directory.

Virtual Lab Filter documentation at

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