“Face-Pass” a facial recognition authentication concept for Moodle

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Sean Marx over at iLite has been up to some really cool stuff lately using webcams, webcam photos and facial recognition. Most recently he’s published a quick post which explains how he created a proof of concept for facial recognition as a Moodle authentication plugin which allows a user (if registered) to login to a site using their face via the webcam on their computer.

The verify the user,

  • the webcam starts
  • snaps a photo and saves it to the server
  • it analyzes the file looking for a match
  • runs the match against a name on file, verifies that the user is registered
  • then logs them in

If no user exists with that name then the user receives the traditional login page. Check out the full post at

Or take a gander at the GIF below that highlights the two login scenarios. Awesome stuff straight from the future!


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