Facing problems with Moodle emails – Share your ideas in this forum thread #Moodle

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Do you face problems with emails delivery in Moodle? Are you also among those newbies who are still finding ways for reliable email delivery with Moodle?
Here is a good news for all of you new Moodle site adopters – Moodle HQ team is rethinking over email delivery settings with Moodle and will give it a more clean and concise options for setting it up.
Moodle Emails notifications and reliable delivery can be a big trouble for new corporations, schools and universities. Even the Moodle tracker itself contains a lot of issues for problems related to email notifications. During the MoodleMoot USA 2016 (#MootUS16), Jamie Kramer from Elearning Experts LLC, delivered a presentation about – “Moodle Email Problems and Solutions“.

Proposed Solution:

Dan Poltwaski – Core developer Moodle HQ, started an important discussion about the proposed solutions in the way how Moodle delivers emails. The proposed solution as per Dan is:

  • We will remove the current ‘Only send from no reply address’ flag.
  • We will replace this with a list of allowed email domains  (which defaults to none)
  • We will start delivering all emails from the no reply address at all times, unless the email is  in this list of allowed domains 
  • We’ll update the From name to include a ‘via Moodle’ (much like other websites do), to prevent address book confusion when sent via no-reply

You can also share your million dollar opinion about the issues with email delivery in Moodle in the same forum thread. By contributing so, you will help build the Moodle for future generations easier to use. Click here to share your thoughts in forum.
Have you faced problems with email delivery in Moodle before? How did you overcame the email delivery problems with Moodle? Share your rich experience with us in the comments section below.

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