First Edition Of The Moodle Partner Awards Crowns eCreators As Partner Of The Year Globally, APAC Region

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Updated on October 14, 2020. eCreators is no longer a Moodle Partner.

Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

eCreators, formerly the largest Moodle Partner in Australia and unofficially a Top-5 worldwide (Moodle Pty Ltd does not disclose financials) has been proclaimed 2019 Global Partner of the Year, and APAC Partner of the Year in the first edition of Moodle Partner Awards.

A private ceremony gathered representatives from 40 of the over 60 Partners active on 48 countries which account for a total 86 partnerships (at writing). It was the first such reunion to date.

Brief highlights on 2019, eCreators’s best year — yet

Many details about the Awards are unrevealed, including the reasons why Moodle Pty Ltd deemed the Melbourne-born company deserving of the title. Judging by the hearty track record of developments and announcements, however, there is no doubt the recognition is well earned.

In January, eCreators amps up its own partnership program by announcing a partnership with video platform Warpwire. Over the following months we would witness LMS Video as the next battlefield for platform and content providers.

In March, the company announces its “Platinum” sponsorship of July’s MoodleMoot Australia. eCreators would play local, at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Later that month, Founder and CEO Dean Saunders is invited for a tour around Silicon Valley. Google, Uber, Intuit and other host Saunders as he explores a contrasting landscape of bleeding-edge innovation and the unsavory inequalities surrounding the global tech hub.

In June, the company advances on video and his partnership program with an alliance with GO1, an impressive platform that within 3 years would conquest several markets, and would become a Moodle Integration Partner. (Formerly Moodle Premium Integrator.)

PS.: eCreators and video content provider GO1 continue to provide a lifetime offer: 10 free GO1 courses for existing or new eCreators clients.

In July, eCreators-sponsored MoodleMoot Australia 2019 is successfully held. A brand new governance structure highlights the Open Source company’s efforts to streamline and prioritize initiatives. Key partners such as eCreators became more important allies, closely collaborating in initiatives such as Moodle Workplace before the partnership ended.

In line with “Future of learning,” one of the company’s running themes, a stand on the MCG teases the team’s explorations into Virtual Reality.

Swivl is pretty cool too!

In September, an announcement kept under wraps for months is finally made public. eCreators signs an agreement with Alibaba Cloud to become their exclusive SaaS platform for Moodle and custom made Learnbook LMS. Higher speed and reliability, especially for customers in the Asia -Pacific region, and significant cost reductions would soon follow.

Later on the company would announce the first season of “Talking Moodle,” a live video series on YouTube where eCreators team members Prathiba and Dani promote lively conversations on all things Moodle.

The pilot episode focuses on the team’s favorite Moodle plugins.

Check out every “Talking Moodle” to date.

Sanders continues his tour among the EdTech superpowers, following an invitation by Alibaba to join APSARA 2019 in October. The anthology of likely dystopias continues.

Hope and awe reawaken:

In September, the company is recognized by the Telstra Business Awards as a finalist in the “2019 Telstra Medium and Making Waves” category, representing the state of Victoria.

For Australia’s Mental Health Awareness Week, the company showcases the efforts and collaborations made in this regard, with The Australian Psychological Society, HETI Health Education & Training and Ostara Australia, a non-profit devoted to increasing professional development opportunities for those facing mentall illness and disability.

The commitment is company-wide:

Saunders ends the month hopping by Singapore (they are the only certified Moodle Partner in the city state) to “release a few new EdTech tracks”.

Earlier this month on a special “Talking Moodle,” eCreators confirms it will offer Moodle Workplace in Asia Pacific.

At MoodleMoot Global 2019 Moodle Workplace is officially announced to be available in January 2020.

Bonus: eCreators welcome neighboring Melburnians to join The Smith’s Family Toy & Book Appeal. Join the team before December 10. Learn more:

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Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

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