First Voting Round Open At The Moodle Users Association’s January Project Development Cycle

First Voting Round Open At The Moodle Users Association's January Project Development Cycle

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If you are a member of the Moodle Users Association, missing your opportunity to vote in the current edition of MUA’s Project Development Cycle risks letting just a few votes decide what’s best for the whole community. This is why MUA’s Shannon Johnson is encouraging everyone to cast their vote. Voting can also be a chance to exchange ideas about Moodle and its features, or to spark your imagination and gain courage to submit your own project in July!

Access the MUA site with your membership credentials, then head out to this page to cast your vote. Feel free to study the projects closely and make your questions and comments in the Forums. If your inquiries might be better off answered by technical experts, visit the project’s page on the Moodle Tracker. Voting will continue to take place as usual on the MUA website.

The first round of voting for the Moodle Users Association Project Development Cycle 2018 – January to June will run until Thursday, March 22nd (time uncertain). Your membership tier will determine the amount of votes you have available, which you can distribute across projects as you see fit.

23 projects are currently in the running:

  • Enable drag and drop of imported items into position in new course
  • Add ChemJax filter to Moodle Core
  • A feature to share templates of Rubric in Workshop activity
  • Return the TinyMCE: YouTube Anywhere plugin to supported status
  • Auto grade to Zero Points
  • Let administrators merge users
  • Implement Interoperability Standard – IMS Global OneRoster 1.0
  • Simplify activity chooser
  • Add a ‘Resend Confirmation Email’ button to login page when user tries to login but has not confirmed yet
  • Improve Moodle’s Core Forums by incorporating features from Moodleroom’s Advanced Forums
  • Allow editing teachers to apply a point value to all questions at once in a quiz
  • Gradebook availability setting location
  • Ability for Tutors to Submit Assignments on Behalf of Students
  • Make the dashboard useful for teachers
  • Course overview block in dashboard improvements
  • Comply to standards to allow interoperability, e.g. for Apps
  • New Activity: Overview feedback (Teacher of the rings)
  • Extend mobile app to easily work with Moodle plugins
  • Assignment Double (or more)-Marking & Moderation
  • Add Ability to Lock Submitted Assignments after Deadline
  • Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date
  • Additional Assignment Fields for Integration and Reporting

Read the official announcement at

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