Flexpage Vs. the Scroll of Death

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Course design is hard.  It’s easy to add new activities and resources to a short/small course.  But for a course which equates to a three credit college course it’s a little harder to simply organize those materials into a flow of resources/activities which can be consumed by the student.

These are just a few things of the goals I always keep in mind:

  1. Layout should be intuitive and easy (navigation is key: students should always have a good idea of where they are in the content and how to get to point b with the fewest clicks possible)
  2. Layout should be consistent (students taking a 2nd or 3rd course should have zero learning curve if the navigation is consistent)
  3. Students should not have to scroll significantly to find the next piece of content
  4. All tools that a student needs should be available on the page for which they need them (including blocks, links, etc.)

I’ll be covering Flexpage in more detail later, but for now here’s a quick link to get you started:

The two images below are examples, one is the course setup with Flexpage (which is incredibly versatile/flexible once you get the hang of it) the other is the “scroll of death” which would be the default if I didn’t change the course significantly.  I did play a bit with the Collapsed Topics format and the “jump to…” option, but neither is as elegant as Flexpage.  Flexpage definitely looks like the “answer” to the problem at hand.

4 Responses

  1. I agree that Flexpage has a lot more functionality than Collapsed Topics. But I tried to keep the format simple, elegant and easy to use. I would be interested to know of any more functionality in your opinion would make it better and still fulfil this usability criteria?



  2. Hi Kerry, I’m not entirely sure. Docs for flexpage are currently shown for v2.0, however the plugin/module page says “1.9 or later”. Could be misleading so at this time try at your own risk.


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