Free Course about Innovation/Creativity: A present from @nikilambro

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This was posted in the forum and I had to check it out.  If you’re interested in getting a copy, check out their original post and wishes:

The course title is a buzzword salad, “Innovation Management in the 21st Century”. But I was intrigued at the notion of a holiday gift in the form of a Moodle course backup and I am always interested in course design.  After “unwrapping” this course on my Moodle site, the 17+ MB¹ course highlights a 5 day (all day) schedule for a seminar in creativity and innovation.  Any business might find bits and pieces interesting (and some more advanced high school courses in science or design might find as a good foundation for an exercise or two).

What I like about the course most is it’s simple layout and design. 5 days = 5 topic areas. Each is nicely highlighted with a different header image/color and the resources and activities are contextualized to help explain/segue into the new activities and tasks (below is an example of the consistent layout by topics employed):

It’s a nice use of color, images and different layouts for the text using tables and other formatting.

While I cannot suggest that this course would be useful to everyone: if you’re looking for some tips on layout and design of a course, you might give this one a peak by downloading it yourself and playing around with it (I’ll be stripping out the content/resources and activities just to keep the basic layout of topics and will re-share it soon).

Cheers to Niki Lambropoulos & Sophi Danis who created and shared the original course with their holiday wishes.  Get the course at

¹The 17MB is comprised of PDFs and images (no video or other heavy files are incorporated directly).  The course is reportedly ‘open’ and a Creative Commons license is alluded to but not specific license is listed within the course.  Also note that it’s possible that some materials included in the course files are copyright protected and should not be readily shared.

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