Future of higher Education – Looking for the next 20 years : Whitepaper by Blackboard Inc.

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Blackboard  Inc.– the global leader of the digital education released a new whitepaper exploring the future of higher education.  On the occasion of Blackboard’s 20th anniversary, Blackboard team released the whitepaper “Future Forward: The Next Twenty Years of Higher Education“.
Based on in-depth interviews with 13 American higher education thought leaders, the whitepaper includes the insights into what the higher education institution of the future will look like. Also focusing on other important  questions like how other industries will influence higher education; how technology will enable change in the way learning is delivered and assessed; and a variety of other topics. 
Bill Ballhaus, Chairman, President and CEO of Blackboard said:

Blackboard is committed to innovating for an even brighter, more informed future of education. As part of our 20th anniversary, we’re proud to provide the public with this collection of interviews with American higher education leaders on the future of higher education.
We hope these interviews will spark conversation, learning, and the exchange of ideas about the future of higher education that is so necessary for its advancement.

Key Themes:

The whitepaper detailed the following key themes emerged from the interviews:

  • The current higher education system is unsustainable and ill-suited for a globally connected world that is constantly changing.
  • Colleges and universities will have to change their current business model to continue to thrive, boost revenue and drive enrollment.
  • New technologies will allow faculty to shift their focus to the application of learning than the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Data and the ability to transform that data into action will be the new lifeblood of the institution.
  • The heart and soul of any institution are its people. Adopting new technologies is only a small piece of the puzzle; institutions must also work with faculty and staff to change institutional culture.

Here are some of key excerpts from the whitepaper.

“My greatest hope is that we restate and refine our mission in higher education to be much more focused on student outcomes.” Mike Abbiatti


“What’s more, next-generation digital learning environments must bridge the divide between the faculty-directed instructivist model our colleges and universities have always favored and the learner-centric constructivist paradigm their students have come to expect and the economy now demands.” Susan Aldridge


“The real value of our faculty and our advisors can be for that true value add the mentoring, the coaching, helping
students improve rather than helping them to relearn fractions.” Marie Cini

Download the full whitepaper in full through
What is your view about the future of higher education? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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