Get Onboard Project Inspire And Contribute To Next Generation Moodle Analytics

Project Inspire, Next Generation Analytics, Will Consolidate Our Moodle Living

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Project Inspire is live. Touted at MoodleMoot Australia in 2016, Project Inspire is an effort to predict learner success by taking advantage of the latest findings in machine learning and big data. As a Moodle HQ service, both the engine and the learning outcomes will be available for everyone. Inspire ultimately seeks to diagnose and prescribe paths and activities for learners and teachers.
Currently, Moodle has an open invitation to join Project Inspire on the page. Elizabeth Dalton is the host. We covered her introductory talk about analytics for Moodle in Perth last December, for our Learning Analytics Roadmap series. Other background presentations and documents are available at the Background of Project Inspire page.
Participants of Project Inspire will help develop, test and give ideas. The work will begin as a plugin. The technical details are light at this point and can be accessed at the page, or at the Project Inspire GitHub. But it looks like the plugin will initially include a predictions processor upon a testable model that will improve continuously.
The first focus of Project Inspire is Data Collection. If your organization is willing to offer its behavior dataset for the Moodleverse’s collective learning, take a moment to jump in and verify that it can fulfill the following criteria:
  • Have a Moodle 2.7 site or newer on a MySQL, MariaDB or Postgres database engine.
  • The administrator has plugin and command line interface privileges, and can create a full copy of the site.
  • It can install the Anonymise local plugin. This ensures no personal information leaves your site.
If your Moodle set up meets these minimum criteria, on the sign up page execute the “Client Data Sharing Agreement” and follow the instructions to upload your Moodle site data.
The future of Project Inspire is open for discussion, which take place at the Roadmap page. Project Inspire will continue to promote data sharing until May. In that month, details on Analyse Phase One will be released, along with the newest Moodle, version 3.3.
You can also follow the conversation on #MoodleInspire.

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