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PoodLL has been one of Moodle’s best loved plugins for some time. Actually a set of plugins, the suite allows Moodlers to do things like record audio and video directly within Moodle HTML areas and draw pictures or take pictures with webcams. The plugin is also available in activity to add widgets such as stopwatches and flashcards.

Justin Hunt, the brains behind PoodLL (and much, much more), has recently announced that a new era of PoodLL – known as PoodLL 3 – will be coming in May. The list of features for the new, modern release look impressive:

Features scheduled for development in 2016 include:

  • Recorders that are hosted in the cloud
  • Conversion of files to MP4 and MP3 in the cloud
  • The ability to store your recorded files off Moodle
  • A naitve PoodLL mobile app
  • A video player that is completely HTML5 based
  • File hosting for both audio and video
  • Personalized skins for recorders and players

There is one very important new twist for PoodLL lovers, however – Justin has decided to charge for the next generation. This should come as no surprise as we’ve recently seen others, such as Gareth Barnard, express a need to off set the costs of keeping their technology up to date, modern and feature rich.

The pricing structure is as follows for an annual license:

  • For institutions – $379 USD
  • For individual teachers – $79 USD

The good news for serious Moodlepreneurs is that the license can be used on 5 sites concurrently.

In his post, Justin was careful to explain that the free version of PoodLL, which is stable for Moodle 3.0.x, will remain free forever from the Moodle plugin repository. However, there will be no further development of this free version and all new development, features, etc. will be focused on version 3 in order to stay in lock step with Moodle core releases.

If you want to pre-order PoodLL 3, there are some nice discounts. Here are the purchase links:

Pre orders for institutions:

Pre orders for individual teachers at

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Are you a PoodLL user? Tell us about your experience with the plugin set in the comments below!

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