Get Ready For The End-Of-Year Sprint With The Plugins In Our Moodle Plugin Roundup

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We’re approaching the middle of the year and as we start to gather our progress about our goals and plan for the high climbing, we must acknowledge the new trends and events happening in the world, and the EdTech field, to course correct accordingly.

We have chosen the following plugins for their promising impact in the near future of tech-based education.

Logstore xAPI

As an educated guess, Learning Record Stores (LRS) will be huge in the near future. By consolidating an organization’s unique learning evidence, LRS are set to become critical tools for the development of new data-based products and services, as well as for institution’s quantitative storytelling.

Logstore xAPI converts user activity recorded in the Moodle Log into information compliant with the xAPI specification, so it can be added to the organization’s LRS.

Snippet for Atto

As more Moodlers become aware of the power of Text Filters, Activities have become enriched with interactive or multimedia content with only the pasting of a link. With this plugin, you don’t have to install several text filters for each new purpose. All you have to do instead is create a preset for the type of rich content you’re looking to add. While similar functionality is available for the other Moodle text editors, Atto deserves a special place for its compliance with accessibility standards.

Simple Map

Add geographical elements to Moodle Activities. You can upload a CSV file with names and addresses of special places you want to show in a Google Maps window within Moodle. Users can see them on the map or search them by name or proximity.

Team Builder (see video)

Create teams using advanced criteria such as level of skill or user response to certain questions. This is more practical than manual group allocation, a more sensible than random assembly. It features a drag-and-drop interface to assign criteria and weights. Take a look at the video above for a demonstration.

Contact Form

Enable direct communication with the Moodle Site admin without having to provide a mail address. As it requires the message sender to be an authenticated Moodle user, messages sent through Contact Form are all but guaranteed to be spam-free and deserving of the highest priority. Add it to the footer or a side panel in every Moodle page as a token of high-level service.

Slack Message Processor

An open road in Moodle development is productivity applications. They can be project management tools within Moodle, or integrated to popular software, of which Slack is definitely an example. Slack message processor is the evolution of Mike Churchward’s work, as we reported back in April.

Hijri Calendar Type

Account for your Muslim students by enabling the Hijri calendar in Moodle, used to determine important Islamic holidays such as Ramadan. Although the Hijri year also has twelve months, it lasts ten days less. You can add it in addition to the Gregorian calendar or as the Site’s default.

Group Formation

Similar to Team Builder, Group Formation matches students according to their preferences and possible roles in a given task. It focuses on three scenarios: Project teams, Homework groups, and Presentation groups (enabling topical grouping), and uses a “GroupAL” group optimization algorithm. It is available in English and German.


Create a list of tasks in a chain within the context of a Moodle Activity. A “task chain” can be made of one or more tasks. With many tasks included, “pre and post” completion conditions can be set for switching between tasks and to determine the final grade for the task chain. Read our previous coverage of TaskChain here.

Moderator Guide

If you need some last-minute help, this is the one for you. Add informational pages for users playing moderator on a Moodle Site. The guides can be set to be visible only to users with related roles, including teachers, assistants, tutors, or custom roles. It is designed to simplify the onboarding process of new support staff for Moodle or the organization.

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