Get Ready – Free Moodle Mobile MOOC starting from 01st Nov #moodlemobile

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Do you want to create mobile friendly Moodle courses? Do you want to know about the best practices for creating Mobile friendly courses in Moodle? Have you optimized your Moodle courses for Mobile friendly devices?  Get yourself ready for an amazing free Moodle Mobile MOOC designed and organized by HRDNZ – Moodle partner from New Zealand.
Human Resource Development International (HRDNZ) is celebrating their decade long journey as Moodle partner and this MOOC is a part of their “10 years as Moodle Partner celebrations”. The free Moodle mobile MOOC course will start from 01st of November and the registrations for the course are already open.

Click here to register for the course

As covered earlier in this postGet Ready - Free Moodle Mobile MOOC starting from 01st Nov #moodlemobile, the objectives of the MOOC are:

  • Provide a real-world experience for teachers that is based entirely on mobile use of Moodle.
  • Explore and explain the use of Communication, Resources, Activities, and media within a mobile Moodle setting.
  • Encourage everyone to share and benefit from this amazing mobile Moodle experience.

The 4 week course is a good place to start creating Mobile friendly courses with a chance to earn yourself Open Badge and Certificate of Completion.
The course if not meant for teachers who wants to learn How to use Moodle. Instead it is meant for those teachers who are already using Moodle for teaching but wants to create a rich mobile learning experience for their students.
Have you optimized your moodle course for mobile learning? Share your tricks for creating mobile friendly courses with us in the comments section below.

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