H5P Project Updates – Check out the New Content types and Major Accessibility Improvements

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Are you using HTML5 based interactive content for your elearning portal? Since last few years, the flash-based elearning content is becoming obsolete and is constantly replaced by HTML5 based interactive content. There are many tools available like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline to create HTML5 based interactive content.
However, the tools to create interactive content are still very costly and consumes a lot of time to create the content. The other problem with these tools is the reuse of the activities is not possible.
But, do you know that there is an open source project – H5P Project; which allows you to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content right within your browser window. The reuse and sharing of H5P activities is a simple task as the receiving person needn’t to have any special software.
To create interactive content using H5P, you don’t need any special software. You can create and modify existing H5P content files right in your browser window. All H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly in nature, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on all devices.
Check out these reasons to seriously consider H5P for creating interactive content. You can also download the Moodle plugin for H5P through the Moodle plugins directory here.

New Content Types:

H5P content library includes many popular content types like Interactive video & presentation. Here, Part-1 and Part-2 are the top H5P content types for Moodle users.
Recently, H5P team has introduced 2 new content types – Flashcards and Image Sequencing! In addition, there have been major improvements made to accessibility and score feedback; both of which represent huge steps forward in terms of usability for H5P.

  • Flashcards: – Create a set of stylish and intuitive flashcards that have images paired with questions and answers.
  • Image Sequencing – A free HTML5 based image sequencing content type that allows authors to add a sequence of their own images to the game in a particular order. The order of the images will be randomized and players will have to reorder them based on the task description.

Apart from introducing the new content types, H5P has improved the accessibility and overall user experience.

Customizable Feedback:

Two types of customizable feedback have been added.

  • Specific feedback: The first allows content creators to add specific feedback for correct and incorrect answers. This custom feedback appears in a table below the question, colour coded for better legibility.
  • Customizable Feedback based on score: The second type of customizable feedback allows content creators to set feedback depending on the score achieved by the learner at a granular level.

Clearer Score Calculation

Earlier, it was difficult for users to see how the score was calculated, especially in case of negative marking. Now, Animated labels have now been added to make it very clear.
I believe that with addition of new content types and a vision to improve the usability and accessibility, the H5P team is doing a great job. Check out the new content types today!
Are you still not using H5P for your online learning portal? Do you need any help with H5P? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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