Handling question marks in Custom Menu item links

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In a recent thread on forums, one of the Moodler asked a question about adding a link in the custom menu. He was trying to add a link in the custom menu items field on the Theme settings page with having a question mark in between the link, due to which that particular link was opening in the same tab, whereas all other links were opening in the new tab because of the target=”_blank” attribute.

Question Mark in Custom Menu link
Question Mark in Custom Menu link

One of the PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) answered to use the HTML code of the question mark i.e. ? instead of using the question mark directly within the url as it’s a bit of a bug that question marks were not handled properly in the custom menus.
After trying the same (replacing ? with its HTML code i.e. ?) the link item started getting opening in the new tab.
So, I just thought to share such kind of small tips and tricks which can save your time whenever you face such petty issues which can eat up a lot of time.
Hope it helps someone in need…


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