Have You Created A Checklist For Hiring A Moodle Developer?

Have You Created A Checklist For Hiring A Moodle Developer?

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Hiring a Moodle DeveloperIf you’ve decided that you need a Moodle developer (or two) to get your elearning project completed, make sure you’re ready to bring them on to your project with this convenient checklist that was provided by Paradiso Solutions.

Know your requirements

It is a good idea to completely think through your project design before hiring a Moodle developer. You should know with relative certainty things like:

  • The number of users you expect to support
  • The features and functionality you want to deliver
  • The profile of the target end user

The better you can define or explain the details of what you want to accomplish, the more accurately your Moodle developer will be able to accomplish it for you.

Research what’s possible

For even the most experienced Moodler, the LMS holds hidden functionality and features (and restrictions) that you would do well to discover before embarking on your project. This is made all the more important because of Moodle’s open-source nature, which means you have a huge community of people contributing to its continued evolution. Take the time to make sure what you want to do is not only possible, but hasn’t already been created by someone else!

Define your budget

The development of new software is one of the most difficult projects to manage. An old adage says, “when you receive an estimate to develop software – double the time and triple the budget.” While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, you need to make sure you know exactly what you want to create, and why, so that you can tightly control the process from beginning to end.

Learn about others’ successes (and challenges)

The best way to find out about costs, timing and challenges for your own learning project is to look at similar projects and how they were completed successfully. Contact the manager or focal point and ask them about what they did well – and what they’d do differently. The Moodle community is always happy to share experiences!

Consider alternatives

If your institution has already gone Moodle, then its certainly the most obvious choice to develop directly for the Moodle platform. However, if you’re just now considering an LMS implementation, you may do well to consider other LMS platforms, such as Paradiso Solutions, and others. While cost will certainly be a consideration, if your goal is to produce great content, rather than managing the LMS, then this may be an option worth exploring.

Note: Paradiso Solutions is a moodlenews supporter and advertiser.

2 Responses

  1. When you actually want to hire a developer, you should also take a look at what the developer (or company) has already achieved for Moodle.
    Just ask them to provide a link to the plugin library, plugins in the global plugin library have usually been checked by third parties to confirm the quality of the source code.

    Furthermore, it makes sure the company is also active for the community.

  2. Thanks Sebastian, good advice. I was hoping this article would address what you did in your comment — what to look for in a potential developer.

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