Help Us Make Sense Of The Moodle MOOC Students Dataset

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To the delight of expert, beginner and enthusiast data wranglers in the wild, Moodle Research has released the “Learn Moodle August 2016” anonymized data set. The announcement was made by Moodle HQ analytics researcher Elizabeth Dalton on the Moodle forums.

The Moodle MOOC dataset consists of behavior, performance and marks obtained by students during the month-long “Learn Moodle” MOOC who “opted in” at the option to allow their anonymized data to be used by research, at the beginning of the MOOC. Hence, this data does not contain names or email addresses, and it is not possible to figure out identities from its records alone. 35% of enrolled students agreed to grant use of their anonymized data for research.

Therefore, the 2,167 observations strong dataset, is distributed in six comma-separated value (CSV) spreadsheets:

  1. mdl_users.csv contains user records
  2. mdl_grade_grades_history.csv contains historical records of invididual grades per user an item (Moodle Module or Activity)
  3. mdl_course_modules_completion.csv contains records of completion of each Moodle Activity in the MOOC per user
  4. mdl_course_modules.csv describes the Activities of the MOOC
  5. mdl_badge_issued.csv contains records of badges awarded during the MOOC, mainly for completing the course or for being “particularly helpful”
  6. mdl_logstore_standard_log.csv contains entries for each event tracker by the Moodle Log

Any Moodle course has the option to export this data. But few Moodle datasets include information on such a large volume of students. Admittedly, the fact that is free and open to anyone also means the completion rates of the MOOC should be quite small. Out of the 6,119 enrolled users, 735 earned the “completer” badge, which amounts to 12% of all enrollments.

Performing tasks or project with the dataset could be from only a matter of basic formulas on a spreadsheet app, to advanced data science techniques implemented on Open Source R or similar scientific software.

Look at the Readme for more, and detail on each tables (PDF).

Download the Moodle MOOC dataset here. Login from a free account might be required.

What do you wonder about the Moodle MOOC Students? Tell us your questions, and interesting discoveries!

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