Here Are The 2017-8 MUA Committee Members

Here Are The 2017-8 MUA Committee Members

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Five new members will join five incumbents in the Moodle Users Association Committee, its governing body.

Three of the Committee members who will stay for one more year held leadership positions, meaning one of them decided not to run this time. Namely, Nick Thompson, Treasurer, and MUA’s first Chair.

Without further ado, here are MUA’s Committee members for the next year. Leadership roles will be voted at a later time and with a clean slate.

  • Thom Rawson, 10,240 votes
  • Richard Samson (Incumbent), 7,385 votes
  • MoodleNews’ Joseph Thibault (Incumbent), 7,339 votes
  • Emma Richardson (Incumbent Vice Chairperson), 6,733 votes
  • Mike Churchward, 6,253 votes
  • Jessica Gramp, 4,885 votes
  • Jeff Webster (Incumbent Secretary), 3,915 votes
  • Kenneth Scott Huntley, 2,200 votes
  • Steven Powell (Incumbent Chairperson), 2,180 votes
  • Luiggi Sansonetti, 1,980 votes

The 10 Committee members were voted in out of 11 candidates, and all the incumbents who campaigned for another year stayed in. The 5 Committee members who decided not to run again are Mark McKay, Hideto Harashima, Jaswinder Singh and MoodleNews’ Jean-Marc Doucet, in addition to Thompson.

The Moodle Users Association will hold its first Annual General Meeting after the selection of the new Committee on Monday, October 10th. Key rule changes are on the table, as well as details about the Project Development Cycle pipelines for Moodle 3.4 to 3.6.

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