How Is Your Year Of Competencies Doing? Kick It Up A Notch With eThink’s CBE Master Webinar

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If, before the beginning of the year, you were asked to bet on the education segment which would show the largest measure of progress towards a deep integration of Competency-Based Education (CBE), at least in North America, which one would you have chosen? K-12, Corporate, or Higher Ed?

A close follower of the adoption of competency-based practices, around the world but with a special focus on North America, eThink education revealed its preliminary findings for the beginning of 2018 on a recent webinar.

While all three major segments have shown a higher understanding and implementation of competencies across institutional programs and learning interventions, Claire Machia, Director of Support Services, and Courtney Bentley, Vice President of Services, conclude “K-12 is leading the charge” in CBE, where competencies (or clear, objective and comparable learning outcomes) are directly linked to specific activities in a learning intervention in a systematic form that fosters competitiveness and transparency.

The prominence of competencies in K-12 education seems to be due mostly to the high level of standardization of content and outcomes, at least compared to higher ed or workplace training. So, while CBE might find a fortress of support in K-12, opportunities to bring learning standards and accountability in the remaining segments. Of course, this is not to say competencies are unknown or new there. In fact, almost since its inception, eThink has promoted CBE in colleges and universities as a way to tackle the rivaling aims of comparability and innovation simultaneously.

eThink, arguably one of the current advocates in open-based CBE implementation, is Moodle’s largest US Certified Partner. But it boasts presence in Canada, the Caribbean and Nigeria. Their findings reflect the dynamics of all the places where they operate.

Take a look at the webinar, including eThink’s 3 simple rules to strengthen an embryonic CBE practice, on YouTube.

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