How mLMS Are Advancing Teaching And Learning

How mLMS Are Advancing Teaching And Learning | Cómo los 'mLMS' Avanzan la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje

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A Mobile Learning Management System, commonly known as M-LMS or mLMS, is a mobile application that is used in the tracking, administration, documentation, delivery, and reporting of training programs or educational courses. The system facilitates delivery of materials to students, testing and assignment, record keeping, and tracking of student progress, among other features. mLMS support a range of school-based activities. They have a place in physical classrooms and are, of course, a great way to deliver online courses in full. mLMS are also used in flipped classrooms and blended learning methodologies. Your students can install an app on their phones or tablets and after that they are good to go.

Early versions of LMS could only be used on computers, and they weren’t fun or enjoyable either. At first, the programs consisted of drill-and-practice guidelines, standard content, and maybe a few tutorials. With the widespread growth in mobile technologies, mLMS have grown and have been customized to serve the new emerging market. mLMS are an improvement to the earlier versions of school-based computer programs in more ways than one. With the invention of mobile apps, learning has been simplified and made more interesting. Students have the option to customize features of the system to fit their preferences.

As we all know, an important concern in any application is security. The program should be developed in a way that protects sensitive information at all times. A student may misplace his/her device, and if it falls into the wrong hands, the security credentials of the app should not be easily cracked. Student and company employee information may leak and compromise the proper running of a business if the app has no proper security features.

The application should be user-friendly. Programs with complicated user interfaces discourage learners from using them. Students should be comfortable when using mLMS, meaning the app should have easy procedures and well-outlined processes.

The system should also be compatible with a broad number of devices. It is always a good idea to take a look at phone usage statistics. You can also conduct a survey to determine which mobile devices your students have and which they intend to use for your class.

The use of mLMS has enhanced teaching and learning in schools. The work of tutors has been simplified to a great extent. The following are different ways in which the program has improved teaching and learning.

Audio recording

It is important for a student to get personal, quality feedback regarding their progress from tutors. When a student hands in an assignment, the lecturer can utilize the audio recording feature in the program to give a quality feedback. With that feedback, students can perfect the areas pointed out, thus improving compliance training and skills.

Live polling

mLMS are equipped with live digital quizzing tools that facilitate formative assessment. Lecturers can use these tools to find out what students have learned in the lessons. The move also gives tutors an insight into the effectiveness of their teaching methods. If the technique they are using is not working, it must be corrected. This enhances the process of compliance training.

Video recording

mLMS may allow users to take advantage of the recording capabilities of mobile phones to have students record videos and upload them into the school system. Instead of lecturers asking students to write an essay on a particular topic, they could ask learners to create a video recording of the main points of what they have researched.

Online discussion forums

Current mLMS have features like chats and forums. Lecturers can use these to start discussions on the topics they have covered in class. These complementary learning events will enhance students’ understanding of the course, thus improving their overall performance.

Use of quick response (QR) codes

mLMS can recognize QR codes. Links to further resources, solutions to tasks, and complex diagrams have been coded and made available to students. If you need further explanation about a topic, it is just a click away. This feature has made research simple, thus enhancing teaching and learning.


Whether training employees or teaching students, mLMS have a variety of features that will help you teach your students what they need to know. They’re great for on-the-go training and easy to update with the latest information.

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