How much your learners are engaged in your course? Find out with Course dedication plugin #Moodleplugins

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Online teaching is always cursed with low engagement and higher dropout rates as compared to traditional brick and mortar learning methods. Moodle teachers also face the problem of low student interaction within the course. If you are also facing the same problem, there are many ways to improve the student interaction within your Moodle course.
For measuring the interaction in your Moodle course, you need to measure how long your students are online. Course dedication is a Moodle block plugin which allows you to keep a track of estimated interaction/dedication time of participants within a course. The block plugin is created by Aday Talavera and is available for Moodle 2.7 version onwards.
Course dedication plugin is mainly intended to be used only by teachers to check how the students are interacting within their course. Students are not allowed by default but you can configure the block for students for a personal overview. The plugin calculates the interaction time through sessions. It will check all the clicks within a course, sessions and sessions duration to give you the interaction time. You can also export the data to spreadsheet format.

How much your learners are engaged in your course? Find out with Course dedication plugin #Moodleplugins
Interaction report of individual user in a course

Course Dedication Views:

Within a course, you can use the course dedication plugin to check 3 different reports. The views provided by Course dedication plugin are:

  • Dedication time for each student in the course: calculates total dedication time, mean dedication time and connections per day for each student in the course.
  • Dedication time of a group of students: the same but only for chosen group members.
  • Dedication of individual student: detailed sessions for a student with start date & time, duration and IP address.

Please note that the block can be used only in course pages and not in Site pages.
Download the course dedication plugin for Moodle through this link. Also check out different Moodle plugins that provide learning analytics to improve learning outcomes.
What are the other reports you are using to analyze the engagement of your Moodle courses? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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