How To Choose The Right Moodle™ Service Provider

How To Choose The Right Moodle Service Provider

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By Andrew Das, Paradiso Learning

Moodle™ is one of the leading Open Source platforms used worldwide by many schools, colleges, universities, government offices, charities, and corporation. As a learning platform, Moodle™ has endless possibilities. You can bend it to match the exact needs of your learners; it is exactly this flexible nature of Moodle that makes it a crowd favorite. Be it building multiple online courses, imparting interactive learning activities, collaborating on online communities, or social sharing, Moodle is your platform!

If you’ve zeroed in on Moodle™ for your training needs, the next step is to hire the right Moodle™ service provider, one that best meets your training needs and specifications. We know this can be a daunting task, particularly given the sprawling Moodle™ service ecosystem. You have to be wise when selecting a service provider because you’ll stumble upon many wh will promise services that are too good to be true.

But don’t worry. We are giving you some tips for choosing the best Moodle™ service provider for your organization!

1. Draft a Good RFP (Request for Proposal)

Be crystal clear on what you want in terms of your training needs and put it down on a piece of paper. Next, download an RFP template. Yes, there is a proper format for an RFP! (Here’s a quick link to an RFP Template.) The template you choose should enable you to document your exact needs and specifications so that the vendor can clearly understand your requirements and cater to it correctly.

2. Look for Service Providers on the Internet

How can you do this? Put the right keywords in the search engine search bar. For example: “How to choose the right Moodle™ service provider,” “choosing the right Moodle™ service provider,” and so on. Pick the top 5 responses, avoiding results from or directly. These are the ones you should consider, given their top rank for your keyword, which is associated with domain expertise and hold on a given topic.

3. Check the Client List of your Shortlisted Moodle™ Service Providers

You do not want to go with service providers who will learn at your expense. You want someone has serviced a comprehensive list of clients, ideally many of which are in the same industry as yours. The provider doesn’t have to be the biggest name in a given industry. In fact, a service provider with expertise at your company’s scale is often preferable, as different sizes can make project requirements substantially different.

4. Entrust your Project to Seasoned Professionals

Go to your candidate’s websites and visit the “about us” or the “about our team” page. Check the experience of their senior management, such as expertise in the field of learning and development. A team with sound technical expertise in e-learning (authoring tools, for example) will be able to cater to your training requirements more effectively. Don’t forget to take a peek at the mission statement and vision of the company on your way out.

5. Inspect and Inquire for Specific Insight.

The candidate’s website can provide a valuable starting point to assess aspects such as quality of service, professionalism, and past customers. Try to find case studies to learn what sort of projects they have undertaken previously and how they have provided a solution to a unique customer problem. Take a look at client testimonials. Read their blog to see the type of articles they create. Can’t find any of it? That’s never a good sign, but you can always request this information directly. All these will help you understand the Moodle™ service provider’s capability to handle your needs.

6. Ask for Demos and Free Trials

Seeing is believing! Ask the Moodle™ Service Provider candidate for trial versions of a Moodle™ site with custom capabilities so you can live the experience of creating a Course, uploading and developing content, etc. All this will help you judge the service provider on their technical skills to handle projects, as well as whether the level of support they offer can meet your needs. The company’s willingness to do this shows their commitment towards providing quality service.

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