How to create content templates for teachers to reuse the same content #Moodletips

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Often your teachers have to use same content like contact details, support contact etc. multiple times in different courses and they have to do the same every time for each course. This is a serious problem to kill their motivation and cam impose a serious usability challenge for teachers. Have you wondered if you as a Moodle administrator can help your teachers with this?
Today, I am going to discuss about a new Moodle plugin titled – “Templates” which is a plugin for Atto text editor. You can download the plugin through this link. It is available for Moodle 3.2 version onwards.
How to create content templates for teachers for reusing the same content multiple times #Moodletips
Templates plugin allows the site administrators to define a set of predefined templates. Teachers can use these templates and insert into their course pages. The administrators can create any number of templates based on the requirements.

How to create the templates:

After downloading the plugin, simple extract the contents into /lib/editor/atto/plugins directory and complete the installation process through Site administration -> Notifications page.
Navigate to Site administration/Plugins /Text editors/ Atto HTML editor and add templates in the Toolbar config  area to add the templates button in your Atto toolbar. By default there are 3 empty templates but you can add more templates as and when required.

How to create content templates for teachers for reusing the same content multiple times #Moodletips
Teacher Preview of template before inserting into the course

To configure the templates go to Site administration/Plugins /Text editors/ Atto HTML editor/ Template settings. Under the template setting fields, you can define the key name and body of template.
Once done, the teacher will see the templates icon everywhere where Atto text editor is available. They can simply click to see all the available templates and insert after previewing them.
Do you ever need to create same content for many courses on your Moodle site? Share with us in the comments section below.

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