“How to Moodle” and “Moodle Course Creation” courses on Udemy available now

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foundationsHere are two training options by Jeff Johnson aimed at training teacher how to use Moodle in the classroom. There are over 60 videos and a low, perpetual license fee.

How to Moodle:

Course Creation in Moodle:

Read more from the author and what he thinks of Moodle and why he created the courses:

I remember when I first started using Moodle with my high school students. The program was a beast! I think I spent 4 months, no joke – 4 months, just trying to figure out how to get the software installed on the server! And that is just the first step! I don’t know if my search terms were wrong or if there wasn’t anything available, but I could not for the life of me find anything online that covered basic installation.

Moodle is hard to figure out.

Like… really hard to figure out.

Like… the Moodle guys at last years’ Q Conference said it was hard to figure out. THE GUYS WHO MADE IT SAID IT WAS HARD TO FIGURE OUT!! Which may be pure authenticity or a wily sales pitch. You know, something in the vein of reverse psychology.

Anyhow, Moodle is out there… and it’s looming. It might even be billowing. So, in light of this looming and billowing software, I figured  I’d take a stab at helping people use it. I mean I did eventually figure out how to get the software installed, so I can offer that much! And I think that alone might make the internet a better place.

Here’s a promo video for How to Moodle:

Foundations of Moodle Launch Trailer from Steve McCarthy Films on Vimeo.

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