How To Track Course Progress Of Your Students In Moodle, The Easy Way

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Tracking course progress of your students is an extremely important aspect of effective online learning.

It helps you keep track of the well-performing students, as well as students who may need some habit tune-up, or those who could just be on the verge of dropping out.

Modern-featured LMS like Moodle-based ones let you track activity completion status, course completion status and much more. But ultimately, they do not provide a comprehensive solution for course progress tracking.

Until now.

Tracking Student Progress using Course Progress Block 

The Course Progress Block is available as a part of the Pro plan of Edwiser RemUI theme.

It makes it easy for teachers to always stay on top of their student’s course progress. 

The Course Progress Block displays all the courses that you manage, in a tabular format. With the Block, you can check all the important parameters for your courses.

One such parameter is Course Completion percentage for each course.

How To Track Course Progress Of Your Students In Moodle™, The Easy Way

The dynamic pie chart at the right end tells you the average completion percentage of all the students enrolled in that particular course.

But that’s not all! You can also keep track of student progress inside a single course from the Block.

You can do so by clicking on the course you want to dive deeper into, here “English Language and Literature”.

How To Track Course Progress Of Your Students In Moodle™, The Easy Way

On the image above, you can clearly see all important parameters of student progress inside the course.

The “Status” column tells you the time when the user was last active in the course. In cases where the student hasn’t yet started the course, it will be denoted with “Never Accessed”.

The “Progress” column tells you the percentage completion of each student. For students having a high level of progress, it is a way to encourage them, hopefully under growth mindset guidelines. (Reward the effort, not the “natural” traits).

However, for students whose progress percentages are less, you might want to listen closely and identify key feedback to give.

You can do this easily with the Quick Messaging facility inside the Course Progress block. Clicking on the messaging icon opens up a window where you can type your message. This box uses the Moodle Messaging inbox of your student to keep it all knit and direct.

This only helps further in your students feeling that you care. And with time, they can then work based on your inputs, and do better.

How To Track Course Progress Of Your Students In Moodle™, The Easy Way

In a Nutshell

In a world where the attention span is dropping every moment, it is imperative for you to constantly keep track of your student’s progress in the course. 

The course progress block, as a part of Edwiser RemUI theme, makes this possible for you. This only helps you further, by enabling you to decide the road ahead.

With a block that might do wonders for your students, why not find out more about the theme itself. 

Explore Edwiser RemUI Now!

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