Human Science Localization Services In Asian Markets, Now With Moodle Partner Backing

Human Science Localization Services In Asian Markets, Now With Moodle Partner Backing

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While traditional education services–like K-12, higher education, and corporate learning–take up most of Moodle’s market share and installations, the flexibility of open source LMS extends to a variety of scenarios. Some of these scenarios will always stay within their niche, like Moodle customization for groups with specific accessibility needs. But others hint at newly discovered segments of the market that remain unaddressed. A potential example is the industry of localization services, a space where Human Science, a Japanese company and the latest Moodle Partner in the Pacific nation, has thrived.
Human Science’s portfolio of localization services covers everything an organization would need to successfully deliver services in a wholly different landscape of language, customs, and regulations. Focused on servicing IT, manufacturing, and medical fields, Human Science gives guidance in systems development, documentation to fulfill existing requirements, and even educational content production for seminars or virtual delivery.
This promising line of work might be at odds with the standard offerings found in Moodle partners around the globe. Human Science is the fifth Moodle Partner in Japan, along with, ioMagazine, Mitstek Consulting, and Moodlerooms. It is nevertheless common in the country that the local Moodle providers also play roles in translating and adapting educational content for the local audiences. This is critical for a country that, while industrialized and competitive on the global scale, still does not enjoy the vitality of even some emerging Moodle nations.
With the Moodle Partner distinction, Human Science consolidates a 30-year history of supporting internationalization through the world-class symbol of openness and flexible learning that is Moodle. The company has helped multinationals such as Microsoft, HP, Fujitsu, and Apple make dents into the Nippon enterprise culture. It will also be key in introducing local universities, such as The Open University Japan, into the world of learning and EdTech.
The announcement makes Human Science the 90th Moodle partner worldwide.

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  1. Good to see that there are five Moodle Partners now in Japan. I noticed one partner’s name was not mentioned, Manabu3. Does that mean one partner is no longer continuing?

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