IBM Watson partners with Pearson and Blackboard to bring Augmenting Intelligence into Higher Ed sector @ibmwatson

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IBM Watson – the Jeopardy Gameshow winning computer in 2011, is all set to appear in Higher education sector. With the partnership between IBM, Pearson and Blackboard to bring augmented intelligence, it seems that the digital transformation in educational sector is very close. In higher education sector IBM is working with Pearson and Blackboard on student retention and tutoring
According to the sources, Blackboard is working over tools for faculty and advisers. Katie Blot – the Chief Strategy officer, Blackboard highlighted that the tool like Blackboard Planner can get huge benefits from IBM Watson. Katie said –

“We’re very focused on student pathways, support and persistence. We have tools that … help students make decisions about where to go next with their academic journey,” Blot said. “Then we can give that data to advisers to help them optimize their time. That’s an area we’re really excited about.”

IBM partners with Pearson and Blackboard to bring Augmenting Intelligence into Higher Ed sectorAccording to the tentative timeline, the company plans to complete the use case in the next month and half and make the beta versions available to early adopters by next fall with a wider launch expected in 2018.
On the other hand, Pearson is testing the “Intelligent Tutoring System” as described by Angie McAllister, senior vice president of personalized learning and analytics. Since Pearson is among the major course material publishers in the market, it is testing IBM’s technology as a way to offer one-on-one tutoring using artificial intelligence.
Tim Bozik, president of global product at Pearson, stated:

“Digital learning opens up exciting new possibilities to improve access and outcomes in education. Our partnership will use the power of Watson to help students stay engaged and deepen their learning, complete their degree and be better equipped for their careers. Teachers are the most important factor in delivering a great education. The partnership will support teachers by providing better digital tools and enabling personalized learning for their students.”

After the partnership with Blackboard and Pearson, IBM is working upon to create an ecosystem of partners in future. IBM is also partnering with companies like Apple, Office depot, Sesame Workshop and Udacity at other levels of education.
Check out the full news here.

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