Impact Microfinance By Way Of Branded Moodle Mobile

Impact Microfinance By Way Of Branded Moodle Mobile

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Nourishing a reputation as a lending bank catering to low-income populations living in the rural parts of the developing world is no small feat. The responsibility to be financially sustainable while still pursuing a mission of alleviating poverty sounds at odds with itself. But for over thirty years, FINCA Impact Finance has done that. With the right tools to empower and bring knowledge to people, FINCA has shown it is not only possible to deliver on the “double bottom line,” but to thrive and grow while at it. An interview at illustrates the FINCA case and the role of Moodle Mobile in delivering timely learning to the more than 10,000 employees across 21 countries and four continents.

A look at FINCA’s principles shows a high philosophical compatibility with Moodle. Warmth, trust, and responsibility, FINCA’s brand attributes, seep onto the modern instructional content and technically-savvy resources people on the ground receive on their mobile devices, to enhance the quality of financial support while preserving the integrity of a $777 million USD lending portfolio globally. Employees spend most of the time visiting the customers “in the field.” FINCA Impact Investment set up their knowledge base using Moodle in May 2016. Six months later, news about the Branded Moodle Mobile App were a godsend. It quickly started to replace the downtime of travelling cross country for employees, who continue to adopt it at an exponential rate. Soon, it will render in-location training obsolete, saving significant amounts of money that can be used to help more entrepreneurs.

In a crusade against financial exclusion, FINCA Impact Finance offers banking services that, in addition to loans, include savings accounts, insurance, and money transfers to over 1.7 million people. It embraces technology to continuously streamline processes, lower costs, and manage risk. It is part of the FINCA (originally Foundation for International Community Assistance) International organization, based in Washington, D.C., with multilateral agencies including the International Financing Corporation acting as minority shareholders. The Branded Moodle Mobile app is the result of a partnership with US Moodle Partner Elearning Experts. Plans for a customer-facing Moodle app are underway.

Read the interview with FINCA Impact Finance’s Manager of Learning Systems & Technology Sergio Alguacil-Mallo at

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