In 2019, Nothing Will Bolster Collaborative Open Source, User-Centered Design & Development In Learning Like The Moodle Users Association

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In LMS and learning technologies, there are few like the Moodle Users Association. Across the spectrum, developers and entrepreneurs keep looking for community engagement. When they do, the usual ideas come to mind. Surveys or social media interactions seem enough to call it a day. In some cases, large participants can influence the development roadmap and single-handedly affect the experience for everyone. Moodle offers all these avenues of interaction. But it also offers the MUA Process Development Cycle, a unique process of transparency and effectiveness that continues to polish and grow and audience. People with little more than a good idea and willingness for effort can make great impact.

In lieu of the January letter, Chair Richard Samson shared a brief update on the 2019 development cycle. For the 2019 releases of Moodle 3.7 and 3.8, expect only the latter to add new developments from MUA. Samson floated the possibility to pick the second voted project of last yeart, for the Moodle core team to build and add to Moodle 3.7. The MUA Committee has since scrapped this plan.

Moodle HQ has delayed cost estimations for two projects, but MUA commits to funding them up to $100,000 AUD. These and other projects overlap with Moodle’s internal roadmap. It is usually a good thing, except sometimes the core team’s vision and the MUA requirements do not align perfectly. Nothing a few discussions with the Committee cannot solve.

According to the latest financial report, MUA has $170,000 AUD available, most of which is destined to support Moodle development. For comparison, Mozilla granted Moodle $5,000 USD to MoodleNet to set up a “Bug bounty program” to reward ethical hacking and tackle vulnerabilities, which Moodle proudly advertised. Back to MUA’s resources, discussions are currently taking place about ways to increase the rate of spending in a way that bolsters Moodle development. Like Moodle, MUA is not obligated to disclose financial statements publicly, but the leadership at MUA has made it a routine practice to show them to the members, for the sake of transparency.

The final voting for the current MUA Project Development Cycle ends on Wednesday, January 16th.

Learn more about MUA memberships here.

MoodleNews is a Moodle Users Association Silver Member, active non-stop since 2016.■

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