Increasing Course Consistency and Quality with the Course Checks Block

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Mike Grant has released a Moodle plugin which checks various aspects of a course in order to promote consistency in course resources and information and prompt teachers to add relevant information that students are expecting. The block “carries out a number of automated checks on a course, to encourage a minimum standard of course quality. The block also allows for a course to be cleaned up of empty sections.”

What’s it check?

  • course summary and image
  • that the course is visible (I have made this mistake before)
  • guest access is disabled
  • renamed section headers
  • that each section has a summary
  • no empty sections
  • suggested blocks by the administrators

Pretty simple way to do a “pre-flight” check for teachers before the school year or semester gets underway. What else would you check in a block like this?

Read more about the block or download it at


2 Responses

  1. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for the plug 🙂

    The next additions to this plugin will be checks to help with course rollover, that being taking a backup of last years corse and restoring it as a new copy for the next cohort (we automate this with web services).

    We will check for out of date assignment deadlines and activity dates (which need updating sfter rollover)
    We plan to add a tool to bulk update all dates for the coming year.
    We also hope to enforce some rules by removing show/hide capability and contitionally allowing “show course” from the block (if academics agree to this).

    What we hope to get to is a point where rollover is triggered by the web service, another web service hides the new course and enables this block. Staff can quickly update the new course before publishing it.

    Other users of the plugin will be able to enable / disable these features as required.

  2. We have updated the course checks plugin today, it now has collapsible sections and checks for assignment deadlines dated before the course start date. So should you alter the course start date for use with a different cohort of students it will identify any assignments which also need updating.

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