InsightLMS: a new player in the hosted Moodle game

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I found this site a few weeks ago (, Insight LMS is hosted Moodle but with a bunch more features like more plugins installed, no need to manage the hosting and more integrations with 3rd party services like Goodle Apps, OpenSIS and even Note that Elightenment Learning, the operator of InsightLMS is not a Moodle partner.

Here’s a brief press release from the company,

Elightenment Learning has launched a learning management system built on Moodle called Insight ( Insight is specifically designed with the small to medium size business or elearning company.  It is very user friendly, and easy to use, thus allowing students to focus on the material and less on trying to find their way around the site. Insight LMS provides the features that businesses need that are not standard in Moodle.  The goal is to build an entire ecosystem with Insight as the flagship. In the coming months, a marketplace, along with additional opportunities,  will be added to further expand the features of Insight.

I’ve checked out the demo and the theme and user interface is pretty nice. There’s a cool pervasive drop down menu or user bar with blocks across the site which keeps stuff like the calendar, course list and profile option blocks always available.


The hosting is not free however, there are three listed tiers for hosted service starting at $99/mo and up to $299/mo.

One of the coolest bits of information on the site is the coming launch of the Insight Marketplace which will allow individual teachers, developers and others to sell plugins, web apps and courses through a single marketplace which will easily integrate with an existing InsightLMS hosted site. Though with the looming introduction of the automatic installation of plugins from to any registered Moodle site the value will only be seen if killer apps are exclusive to the Insight Moodles.

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