Intelliboard for Moodle provides insights and analytics across the catalog

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I tried out last night with an existing site and am quite impressed, the services pointed focus on useful analytics was immediately apparent and within a few minutes I had a few new benchmarks for an existing site with active users. The plugin for Moodle is available at

The main dashboard
The main dashboard

After a guided installation (the service uses REST protocol as a web services to collect relevant data from your site) the service was up and running on their free trial (1 Moodle, up to 200 users) their dashboards had propagated relevant site information and I was off and running diving into some of the detail. Here are a few of the metrics and analytics that Intelliboard provided:

  1. Most recent registered users
  2. Most recent enrollments (which is handy since the email notifications do not always seem to work)
  3. number of active users during the past month
  4. most popular course by enrollments/activity
  5. size of the moodle site
  6. average score for each course
  7. load per site (number of hours)

The most useful information to me initially is the running ticker of recent registrations and enrollments. It seems that Intelliboard is adding new features to the dashboard everyday (date parameters for some of the information above was added even last night). If you have a small Moodle site that you’re interested in gaining a bit more insight about this might be a good service for you.

Course related information
Course related information

While the base package is free, upgrades will run anywhere from $125 – $800 dollars per month. Check it out at Check out their intro video below [direct link:]

Sebale net from SEBALE on Vimeo.

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  1. for sure, these are concerns that each institution will need to navigate and address in their privacy settings and EULA. Higher education institutions will have their own regulations to adhere to as well.

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