Interested in Learning Moodle? Join the Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics MOOC by Moodle HQ

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Are you a new Moodle user looking to learn – How to use Moodle for teaching online? or Are you an experienced Moodler looking to share your experience with newbie Moodlers? Learn Moodle 3.4 basics MOOC is the perfect opportunity for both newbie and experienced Moodlers to learn Moodle.
Moodle HQ’s Community Educator – Mary Cooch along with Elizabeth Dalton are the facilitator for Learn Moodle 3.4 basics MOOC course. The Learn Moodle 3.4 basics course will give you a perfect understanding about how moodle works and how your students will interact with your Moodle course.
The course started today and you can join as soon as possible and take part in the course. It will be a 4 week duration course provided free of cost by Moodle HQ.  The course will teach you Moodle from teacher’s perspective without dealing into any technical issues required for Moodle administration, hosting, customization etc.
You can go through the course content at once or else choose your own pace so that course resources will be revealed one week at a time. The course also gives the opportunity to earn a completer badge and certificate of completion after successful completion of the course.

Learn Moodle MOOC Course:

The course flow is kept very simple for easy on boarding of new Moodlers. In week-1, you will learn about Course Setup, Discovering blocks and adding documents to your course. The Week-2 involves you with more Moodle tools like Tracking Progress, adding course material, images and engaging learners in collaborative activities.
In week-3 you will uncover slightly advanced topics like enrolling learners, setting assignments, viewing the gradebook and assessing the Moodle quizzes. In Week-4, you will explore advanced Moodle features and saving and reusing Moodle courses.
If you would like to go through the video tutorials from the Learn Moodle Basics MOOC course, check out the videos below:

The best thing about this MOOC is that you can reflect upon your learning in your own practice course. You can share your course with other participants and ask for their opinion.
If you are willing to join the Learn Moodle 3..4 Basics MOOC course, you can sign up now. If you prefer to take part in the course using Mobile, then you can download the Learn Moodle app – available for Android or iOS.

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