Want to learn Moodle swiftly – Check out these free Moodle training courses #Moodletraining

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Learning Moodle terminology and getting used to the Moodle interface is an intimidating task especially for the first time Moodle users. Moodle is among the few best open source software’s available around the world with an extensive documentation and supportive community. However, Moodle beginners often find it difficult to get started with Moodle.
RTR learning team have created many short length free training courses for Moodle beginners. According to their mission statement:

RTR Learning Center is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge interactive learning content. Learn a wide range of skills, develop personally or professionally, and be a part of the best learning environment available on the internet.

RTR learning center team identified the need to have short of length online introductory training resources for Moodle. As a solution, they created more than 20 courses covering various aspects of Moodle site administration. Although all the courses are based on Moodle 3.0 but still relevant for all Moodle versions.

List of Courses:

The courses contain the following list of topics:

    • Navigating the interface
      • Customizing the Dashboard Page
      • Getting Familiar with the Moodle
      • Getting Familiar with Moodle
      • Getting Familiar with Moodle

Want to learn Moodle swiftly - Check out these free Moodle training courses #Moodletraining

  • Managing Users
    • Creating a New User
    • Adding Multiple Users
    • Viewing & Deleting Users
    • Editing Users
    • Understanding User Authentications
  • Managing Content
    • Creating Categories and Subcategories
    • Editing Categories and Subcategories
    • Creating a New Course
    • Configuring a Forum
    • Adding Activities and Resources
    • Editing Courses
    • Deleting Courses
  • Site Roles & Maintenance
    • Create Course Backups
    • Creating New Roles
    • Enabling Default Plugins
    • Installing and Updating Plugins
  • Managing Site Appearance
    • Configuring Navigation Setting

The courses are easy to understand and crafted with perfection by splitting the bigger topics into smaller easy to understand sections. You can go through any lesson in around 15 minutes which makes it possible to learn Moodle on the go. And the best thing is that all of them are available for free of cost. Check out all the courses and get acquainted with Moodle here –
If you are a beginner Moodle user then you should have a look over these courses and give them a try. Share your experience with the courses with us in the comments section below.
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