#LearnMoodle – Teaching with Moodle Week 2 kicks off with theme "Getting Involved"

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Teaching with Moodle MOOC also known as Learn Moodle MOOC has entered into the second week with more than 5.3 k participants (to be specific 5395 as on date)  from all over the world. The main theme for the second week will be “Getting Involved”.
#LearnMoodle - Teaching with Moodle Week 2 kicks off with theme "Getting Involved"In week-1, the course outline contains – Course set up, Discovering blocks, Adding documents and in Week-2 the focus will be on the following:

  • Adding course materials, images and media
  • Engaging learners in collaborative activities

Moreover, you will also learn about – “How can I help my learners learn?” during this week. Here is a quick video for the Week-2 introduction and the tasks associated in the week-2.

If you are still thinking to enroll for the course then it is still not late, you can still cover the first weeks training by giving some additional time to the course. Register yourself today for the Teaching with Moodle official Learning Moodle MOOC here –
Are you also participating in the Learn Moodle MOOC? or Have you participated in earlier versions of the MOOC course? Do share your experiences about the outcomes of the course in the comments section below.

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