How to motivate students to collaborate & create question bank for practice using Student Quiz plugin #Moodleplugins

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If you are a Moodle teacher you might be knowing about the pain to provide a large set of questions for preparatory exams and assessments. Teachers face a hard time in creating a large question bank for practice and real exams. But what if you can motivate the students in your course to create the  questions.
In October last year, we reported about a new under development plugin at that time – “Student Quiz”. The Student Quiz plugin enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle. The plugin is developed by University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil. The plugin has been tested for Moodle 3.0 onwards.
Students can filter questions into quizzes and they can rate and comments the questions while attempting the quiz. The Student Quiz plugin automatically calculates the average rating and difficulty for each question, and assign points to students for creation of questions and right answers. You can also anonymize the student name who had created the question. You may easily get a good number of questions without any real efforts. And the best this is that you can select the questions based on the difficulty level also.

How to motivate students to collaborate & create question bank for practice using Student Quiz plugin #Moodleplugins

How to motivate students to create good questions?

Students can see the questions created by others and practice through them, they can also rate and comment on questions while working through the quizzes.Students will get the points for the following activities in Student Quiz:

  • Adding a questions (default: 10 points)
  • Average of stars received for a question (default: 2 points)
  • Each correct answer (default: 2 points)
  • Each wrong answer (default: 0 points)

If you would like to see it in action, check out this small demo video below:

Franks has also created a basic user manual for students. You can download the manual through this link. For successful usage of student quiz plugin you also need to install the Student Quiz question behavior which extends the immediate feedback question behaviour. In addition to the immediate feedback the StudentQuiz Question Behaviour allows you to rate and comment question after the user checked the answer for grading.
Download both the plugins from the following links:

Do you ever need to create a large question bank for self assessment tests? What is your opinion about the idea behind this plugin and how useful it will be for other teachers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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