Looking for Moodle training – Check out these courses by HRDNZ starting from 1st October #Moodletraining

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Are you a Moodle enthusiast looking to hone your Moodle skills? Whether you are a Moodle teacher, administrator, developer or a designer, you need to continually work to improve your skills in a highly competitive world. And if the Moodle training courses are provided by one of the best trainers in the world, it will add the spice in the learning.
HRDNZ – Moodle partner from New Zealand, are running their last online Moodle course for 2017. The courses will begin from 01st October 2017. All the courses are 100% online and asynchronous in nature, so you can complete them right from your bedroom at your leisure.
The courses are facilitated by some of the leading “Moodlers” around the world including – Justin Hunt (PoodLL creator), Gareth Barnard (Essential Theme developer), and Stuart Mealor (Moodle certification manager).
Looking for Moodle training - Check out these courses by HRDNZ starting from 1st October #Moodletraining

List of Moodle training courses starting from 01st October:

Details about the fees and course outlines are available on each course page. If you are looking to hone your Moodle skills, then you can enroll in these courses as they include courses for Moodle teachers, Moodle Administrators,  Moodle them design, Moodle developers. All the courses are facilitated by well-known Moodlers around the world.
When you are going to enroll in the courses offered by HRDNZ, then don’t forgot to use the referral code – “INJS17” while registering.
Have you got your Moodle Course creator certification? Do let us know in the comments section below

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