@Markdrechsler and the quest for the “perfect” Moodle course

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Mark Drechsler (@markdrechsler) has a great new post out which discusses the Moodle creation process and how quality of that outcome may be dependent on the reasons for the Moodle course creation.  The current discussion of “what makes a good course” (something continuously discussed here at Moodlenews), is perhaps inadequate.

According to the post,

The thing that none of [the questions/discussions] adequately addressed for me though was that the ‘perfect’ Moodle course is highly dependent on what the teacher is trying to achieve through using Moodle – and so I thought I’d put together a different slant on how to create a good Moodle course. This post doesn’t try and define the magic rules to define the world’s greatest Moodle course, but it does try to create a reflective framework for anyone designing Moodle courses to think more about the desired outcomes they are looking to achieve.

Mark goes on to outline five reasons for utilizing Moodle and their inherent values in achieving a higher quality through Moodle usage.  Finally, he has a nice clear presentation which helps to bring it all together.  Enjoy the post and supporting docs which can be found at:

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